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Complete Dental Care to Optimize Your Oral Health

Comprehensive Care, All In-House

In order to provide the most comprehensive care for our patients, we have gained experience in a wide range of additional dental services. These all-encompassing services provide all the advantages of corporate dentistry, without the cold, clinical feel of these practices. At OneGoodSmile, you will find our additional dental services and the comprehensive care we provide come only after we have taken the time to know you and develop a customized plan to achieve your optimal oral health. Our additional dental services are designed to provide our patients with the most comprehensive care, all without the need to seek treatment outside our North Canton, Cuyahoga Falls, or Hudson, OH, locations. We provide an all-inclusive list of services ranging from preventive care and routine hygiene appointments to whole-mouth restorative treatment with full arch dental implants. This personalized service from our friendly and welcoming team is designed to help you feel like part of our dental family.

Helping Patients Achieve Great Oral Health

Our primary focus is on health and wellness and the prevention of disease. Preventive dentistry is a proactive approach to your oral health care that is aimed at keeping disease away instead of treating it after being diagnosed. Our preventive care includes routine x-rays, examinations, hygiene cleanings, and screenings. When patients visit us for oral conditions that require restorative or cosmetic care, we can meet their needs through our comprehensive additional dental services and help them achieve and maintain great oral health. Our additional dental services include:

Regular Cleaning

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Work Well in a Variety of Patients?

Removes Plaque & Tartar Below the Gum-line

Prevents Tissue & Bone Loss

Let us help you optimize your oral health.